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Path of Love
The Path of Love is an intensive, highly structured 6- day process in which participant' s are guided to focus on their sincere desire to realize their full potential. This longing reveals layers of concepts, judgments and beliefs that keep us separate from directly experiencing loving connection with ourselves, others and Existence.
By honestly facing these layers a very profound opening in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms is created.
This process, taken with a firm, focused intention and happening in the presence of deep love and respect, presents the possibility for the participant to have a breakthrough or shift in consciousness.
The process has its spiritual orientation in an approach traditionally known as The Path of Love. This is the way of devotion, of prayer, of longing for the Divine and, at the same time, of taking full responsibility for the creation of one' s life.
Previous group experience and an interview.

Make it a point, a burning desire in you, that before death comes you will have arrived home. Before death takes possession of you, truth has to happen! Make it such an intense longing that every fibre of your being starts pulsating with it, that even while you are asleep, the longing goes on moving as an undercurrent. Let that be your passionate love affair.
Longing is both the anguish that burns away the veils of separation between the soul and God and the thread that guides us deeper and deeper within ourselves to where Love is waiting, always, to take us further into it's mystery.
Old Sufi Wisdom